Savannah's only destination for authentic Belgian Liege Waffles

The Liege Waffle is the unknown sister of the more common Belgian waffle.

It is a sweet and enriched dough with bits of Pearl Sugar folded into it. While the sweet enriched dough cooks on the cast iron, the "pearls" of sugar in the dough melt and caramelize.

It is then finished with a dusting of powdered sugar to help reveal the perfect crevices left by the iron. The perfect street food to enjoy with a beverage while relaxing and enjoying the beauty of Savannah.

You can customize your waffle with a variety of fresh fruits and sweets or try one of Mirabelle's signature waffles like the "Georgia Peach Cobbler" with cinnamon streusel, whipped cream and, of course, peach cobbler. For breakfast or an afternoon snack, you will love Mirabelle's waffles.

The Café barista is an expert at preparing all your favorite coffee and espresso drinks, try Café Au lait. Daily lunch specials include sandwiches on a waffle, like chef Peter's turkey and Swiss or try the mini waffles served with iced coffee or tea. Our outdoor seating has a fabulous view of St. John's Cathedral and one of the best spot to people watch in the city.


Locally Sourced in Savannah, Georgia

Mirabelle Café proudly serves locally sourced PERC coffee, dedicated to roasting the world's finest coffee. PERC roasts its coffee seasonally to ensure the coffee is at the peak of its potential, tasting dozens of samples before deciding on a new offering.

At PERC, Roasting coffee is a passion for excellence. Individual roast profiles are carefully developed for each coffee to maximize varietal expression. Once roasted, every batch is cupped and scored, and its roast data evaluated for consistency. This attention to detail makes PERC roasts some of the best in the world.

As a local supplier, the owner's of PERC have worked side by side with the baristas at Mirabelle to provide them the training they need to provide you with the perfect cup of coffee. Enjoy!